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Used Books

Baker Book House is always interested in purchasing good resalable religious books. We offer either cash or store credit for libraries large and small.

Unfortunately, because we receive so many used books, we cannot accept books which we have not pre-approved. If you would like us to consider purchasing your used books, you must send us a list of books with information including the following: author, title, type of binding, and condition of the book. Other helpful information would be the number of volumes you have, if it is a multi-volume set, and the publication date, if it is before 1900. You may send this information via regular mail, but e-mail correspondence is far faster and easier. Upon receipt of the listing, we will quote you our best prices and send you shipping instructions.

If it is not possible to create a list of your books either because your library is too large, or because your time frame for selling your library is too short, you may contact Greg Stevens, our used book manager via phone or email.

As always, if you live close enough, you are welcome to bring in books any time the store is open. If the quantity is not too large and someone is available, we may be able to look at the books while you wait. Generally you would need to bring in the books before 3:00pm Monday through Friday to have them processed while you wait.

If you have any questions regarding Baker Book House purchasing your used books, please feel free to contact us.