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October 2014

Senior Discount Day
First Wednesday of Every Month


People 55 years or older receive a 25% discount on regular priced items.  

 Inspire: An Evening of Authors
Thursday, Ocotber 9th @ 7pm


Baker Book House welcomes Julie Cantrell, Jocelyn Green, Tracy Groot, Susie Finkbeiner, and Sharon Brown for an evening of readings, meetings, and booksignings.

Many thanks to the organizers of the Breathe Writers Conference for making this evening possible!

 Fall Librarian's Day
Tuesday, October 14th 7am - 11pm


Book Reviews. 
Special Discounts. 
Professional Assistance. 

 Robert Roush - Booksigning & Speaking
Thursday, October 16th @ 7pm


The eyes are the window to the soul…

…but what if the eyes are empty?

When Officer Chris Davis, of Arrow Springs, Missouri, rescues a young woman from a mysterious attacker, he steps into the center of a spiritual showdown. Following his heart, and a trace of circumstantial evidence, he embarks on a collision course with a government research facility and an unseen foe.

Whether intentional or not, humanity often walks that line first crossed by Lucifer himself—the desire to become equal with God. In The Image of Man is a supernatural thriller that gets the reader to ponder the ethical question, “If mankind succeeds in cloning humans, an attempt at creation, will God endow the clones with souls?” More important, the reader is encouraged to ponder his or her own soul as the book reflects on God’s restoration of relationships. Ultimately, God is the God of creation, and of re-creation.


Robert lives in Holland, Michigan with his wife and five children. He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, and has taken several Master level classes in religion, including theology.
God has blessed him with the spiritual gift of teaching and a creative personality type. For over twenty years, he has brought this creativity to his professional career as a manager of software developers, and a creator of leading-edge technologies for a global high-tech electronics company in the automotive and aerospace industries.
For nearly five years, he wove creativity and a passion for teaching together as a pastor of worship, adult discipleship, and outreach. In this role, he designed and scripted several outreach events and dramas, created unique video presentations, developed discipleship curriculum, and led corporate musical worship. Since then, he has developed his public speaking skills and has had the privilege to preach at multiple churches.
Several years ago, he turned his creativity and writing toward the pursuit of teaching through story. Since then, he has refined his fiction writing craft through conference sessions, critique group involvement, online and book study, writing, and plenty of rewriting.

Robert is the founder of Hearts of Compassion Publishing (, a company devoted to providing readers with quality stories and the comfort of knowing that the proceeds from those stories go to support compassion-based ministries.

 College Discount Day - 3rd Wednesday of Every Month


This the one day of the month that college and seminary students receive a 20% discount on new AND used books.

Other than that one day, students receive a 20% discount on only new books every day.

Celebrating God's Faithfulness with Susan Sorensen and Friends
Tuesday, October 21st @ 7pm


If you have walked the cancer journey, come share testimony of God’s faithfulness.
If you currently have cancer, come be encouraged by women who have walked the journey before you.
In all situations, the God of the Universe holds YOU in His hands! Please join us!